Dream big, start small. It’s the mantra of the S-personality. As soon as you see it, you should know you’re getting advice from someone who thinks in details and the present tense. Add in the word routine and you’ve likely found yourself an SJ. Even SPs like this tangible advice, although as soon as the… Read More

Left ungrounded, the INFP’s best strength – a vision for the future – becomes a weakness. They know exactly what they want and how perfect it will be. There won’t be any problems, life will run smoothly and everything will go exactly as planned… *record scratch* How many times has anything gone perfectly? And I don’t just mean in novels,… Read More

One of the lasting takeaways from the BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes (I mean, aside from Benedict Cumberbatch) has been Sherlock’s mind palace. And why does Sherlock have a mind palace? Because the rest of the world irritates him. If you’re looking for a template of the INTJ, look no further than the Cumberbatch character.  … Read More

Welcome. There’s nothing I like more than a challenge or competition. I can’t help myself, it’s part of my personality.   So when I saw a 31 day blogging challenge, I thought… sure. I’ve only been meaning to kick this thing off for months, and only been thinking about blogging about something for years. But nothing… Read More