One of the lasting takeaways from the BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes (I mean, aside from Benedict Cumberbatch) has been Sherlock’s mind palace.

And why does Sherlock have a mind palace? Because the rest of the world irritates him. If you’re looking for a template of the INTJ, look no further than the Cumberbatch character.


INTJ, spelled out

He’s Introverted – happy to sit at home for weeks on end doing little more than spending time with his hobbies and thoughts.

He’s iNtuitive (because I was taken) – he puts together pieces of a big picture that few others, including the Met, even realised where from the same book let alone page.

He’s a Thinker – his ideas are his ideas and he’s willing to be brutally honest about them without any regard for how it makes others feel. Who can forget when he told Molly her boyfriend was gay in season 1?

He’s Judging (still one of the worst ways of wording this trait. let’s call it decisive) – he knows when he’s right and that’s it. He likes routine and things being in their place.


Honestly, who BUT an INTJ would track different London criminals’ routines as a way of knowing¬†if something bigger was going on? And scarily enough, he shares his MBTI personality with his brother. What a household that must have been for their parents…


Truthfully, the mind palace is as much a safe haven for everyone around him as it is for him.


INTJ’s have the problem that they usually irritate the people around them, even those who love them. Well, they would have that problem if they cared how people felt or what others thought of them. Instead, they’re job is to get things done, fix the problem or solve the case – and they don’t see why everyone gets so huffy about it. They can’t help being right.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten regarding an INTJ was to stay out of their way – if they are set on doing something, it’s going to get done. And they’ll do it in a way that works best. Trying to help or offering other solutions is just going to frustrate them and you. Best to just get them a mind palace as a gift and leave it at that.

And don’t think they need any congratulations when everything’s said and done. The joy of solving the problem and being right is something that no amount of praise can compare to.