Welcome. There’s nothing I like more than a challenge or competition. I can’t help myself, it’s part of my personality.


So when I saw a 31 day blogging challenge, I thought… sure. I’ve only been meaning to kick this thing off for months, and only been thinking about blogging about something for years. But nothing really struck my fancy until I found a way to combine two of my loves:

personality and the psychology of the mind…

and tv.

Well, three things if you include my love of snarkiness and sarcasm. (Often to the detriment of the Fs in my life who get a bit sensitive.)


So over the next 31 days, expect to see profiles of some of the well-known characters dotted through TV, film and of course, reality entertainment. Expect sarcasm and the written equivalent of an eye roll. And expect to learn how personality fuels our actions, why our mind is constantly trying to trip us up, and how knowing the roots of who you are can help you drive a narrative that leads you to your goals.


And expect cat stories. Lots and lots of cat stories.

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